Hello, I am Tjeerd Gerbranda, industrial design engineer with over 15 years of experience in developing clever consumer and professional products for, and with, international market leaders, innovative start-ups and everything in between.

If you are interested in what I could do for you, check out my servicesand please do not hesitate to contact me!

The best thing about my job as a product developer is the huge variety of products that I get to work on and people I get to work together with. This diversity of assignments and clients continuously expands it the box that I think in and helps me to think outside my clients’ box. 

After graduating as an industrial design engineer at the technical university of Delft, the Netherlands, I have worked for more than a decade as a project leader and functionality designer for an international product development agency in the Netherlands and Germany and have developed numerous high-quality products for small and large companies.

To be even more flexible and effective, I started my own company, creating custom solutions in close collaboration with my clients, for their individual challenges.

When I was a kid, I was already fascinated by how products work. I took broken products apart and tried to repair them. I knew I wanted to become an inventor and I succeeded. I studied Mechanical Engineering at TU Eindhoven, but after successfully finishing the first year, I switched to the broader study of Integrated Product Design at the TU Delft to satisfy my interest in how to make things better.


Tjeerd Gerbranda

Industrial Design Engineer, MSc.